Madison Heights City Councilman

Keep Bliss. Keep Innovating.

As a 3rd generation lifelong resident of the city with a proven track record of innovation, Councilman Mark Bliss is the right choice for Madison Heights.

Madison Heights isn't just a place to live for Mark Bliss. This city has been home to Mark's family for more than 50 years! 4 generations are still residing in the community, and Mark's children are the 3rd generation to attend our schools and play in our parks.

This perspective has been the driving force behind Mark's desire to serve his community. He wants to make Madison Heights even more safe and prosperous than it was when his father, and Mark, were each raised here.

Mark blends these deep roots in the community with his millennial approach, and a career in startups and modern technology, which has allowed him to use the past as the foundation to build the future. 

Community Focus

In his 1st term Mark worked hard to increase quality of life programs that would impact the families of this community both young and old. He rebooted a council internship program that last ran when he participated in it as a student at Lamphere High School, co-authored a tree-replacement program to stop the loss our tree canopy, and has made our parks and city buildings more family-friendly by adding family restrooms. Additionally, Mark has been instrumental in improving our recreation equipment and programming. Additional staff, playground equipment, and programming came out of proposals mark worked on, including the creation of the water park voucher program this past summer.

Modern Approach

Mark has spent his career in technology and software startups. He's a certified IT Project Manager and is currently the Director of Marketing at Xeeva, a procurement software company headquartered in Madison Heights. Elected to council in 2013, he created a citizen board to advise our city on technology within his 1st 100 days in office and since then has led efforts like redesigning the city website, hiring a social media intern and creating pages to connect with our citizens on social media, creating the Nixle alert system, getting our council meetings live-streamed online and posted on Youtube, and even fixing potholes with requests we get on Twitter.  

Fiscally Responsible

A Safer Community

Better Neighborhoods

On council Mark fought against wasteful spending like a raise for city council and a $14,000 budget item for new conference room chairs, and directed those savings to new public safety and quality of life programs. In his tenure council passed a balanced budget every year, got improved credit ratings, and completed multiple rounds of bargaining with our employee unions without a contenious legal process.
In Mark's 1st term on council the Special Investigations function in the police department was restored and we added an officer to an FBI task force. We also directed nearly 3/4 of budget savings to the goals of our police and fire departments, and upgraded to modern equipment like EMS lifts, a new K9 Unit Vehicle, NextGen 911, police vehicle dashboard cameras, and Advanced Life Support (ALS) and V-TAC communications equipment on our fire engines.
Mark called for increased code enforcement efforts that were implimented along with the creation of a task force to handle hoarder households. He and city council also amended more than a dozen ordinances to set higher standards, and remove items like the previous ban on backyard fire pits that prohibited our residents from quietly enoying their own property.

Vision for Madison Heights

Mark believes that its the job of the city council to listen to the community, set the agenda for the city, and work with our city staff, advisory boards, and service organizations to make those plans a reality. That's how Mark has served on council in his 1st term. He did public forums, surveys, and mini-town halls to hear from the public and went to work coordinating efforts to get things done. He believes that the city has to keep trying new things and get creative to satisfy our resident's needs, both in the short term and for the future. If we do that we can improve our parks, inspire new development, and make our city safer and more prosperous.

Things like downtown development, arts programming, community events, a great relationship between the city and its schools, and investments in our city's future can all happen if we chart the right course and spend the city's limited financial resources as wisely as possible. Mark did that in his 1st term and will build on those efforts in his 2nd!

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